Dressing plates STROH

Grain Dressing Plates

The dressing plate can be considered as an universal tool. It has
been possible to combine the excellent properties of the single
diamond dresser with natural points and the multi grain dresser.
The dressing plate is suitable for both: Straight dressing as
well as profiling. This is even more apparent when you think about
the fact it is already possible to deliver dressing plates with a
consistent working width of 0.75 mm. This width is also ideally,
considered as the working edge of a diamond dresser respectively
a chisel diamond.

That is why these diamond tools are often used instead of a
chisel diamond which distinctively reduces operating costs.
The same as in multiple grain dressing and precision dressing
the dressing plate can be completely used up. The roughness
depth of the wheel can be influenced by the respective infeed
of the dressing tool in its effective range.

Needle Dressing Plates

This dressing tool is equipped with high quality needle diamonds
that are set according to a specific scheme. They are used for
larger discs and longer dressing paths and also profiles.

Dressing Plates with small synthetic diamond blanks

These dressing plates have exact, that means narrowly toleranced,
body dimensions. They are equipped with a consistent effective
width making them suitable for dressing highly accurate profiles.
By using small synthetic diamond blanks instead of natural diamonds
consistent dressing conditions can be achieved throughout the
lifetime of the tool. With the continuously stable work surface of the
blanks no parameter adjustment is necessary. This allows the dressing
of step profiles.

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